Code of Conduct for Any Casino

No matter who the casino employee is in front of you it only correct to practice casino civilities. Social graces should go the extra mile if in case you want to make your stay at the casino a very pleasant one. Remember that the casino employee will also be following the same code of conduct even if half the players on the table have had a fair share of the free alcohol.

Here is some casino etiquette that any casino player should practice.

First pieces of casino etiquette would have to go to blackjack players. You should know the correct hand signals for the different moves like hitting and standing. Another thing is that once you have your bets placed never touch them until you get paid for winning. Another part of casino etiquette in blackjack is that if you feel the cards are going against you don't keep asking the dealer to get a replacement deck, just go find some other blackjack table to play on.

A general piece of etiquette that applies to any casino game is that you should expect any form of abusive language to spell your exit. This also includes accusing the dealer of cheating, so if you lose several hands in a row refrain from any hostile remark.

Rookies also commit this mistake - asking what is the dealer's hole card. The dealer's job is on the line if he answers that question, which also means you'll soon be heading out the door.

Now lets move to casino etiquette that applies to slots and video poker. If ever you find that the casino is crowded play only on a single machine and let other people have a crack at the others. This is rather helpful if you're playing video poker since it is harder to concentrate on multiple machines at one time.

Another thing is that if you see a slot machine with a cup on the seat or handle that means the player using that machine just took a quick break. Do not play on that machine, it is a signal that it is occupied.

Let's move on to other rules of etiquette that apply to craps and roulette. First off is that you shouldn't hand over your cash to the dealer (this rule of etiquette also works for other table games as well). Just place your money on the table and the dealer will change it for you.

Learn which bets you can place on the table layout yourself and which bets that the casino employees have to set for you, this is true for both roulette and craps. Another thing is that you shouldn't get mad if the dealer asks you to get off the seat if you're really playing. It's part of casino protocol that the seats are for those who are currently playing.

There are actually a lot more rules of etiquette but these are enough to keep you in a casino. Make an effort to learn every code of conduct expected at each casino game.