Views From The Sidelines In A Casino

Inside the casino house there is an area set aside for non playing people. They are the companions of the player. They are kibitzers. There are persons who look for player friends and consider themselves on the receiving end of a few dollars from a winner. These are some of the many faces at these non-gaming tables.

1. There are regular customers who do not exactly play but are instrumental to the winning or losing of a player. This person is known to the player and stands nearby or at the back of her player friend. She is considered a consultant in making moves or suggesting ways to win a game.

Her tips are considered valuable. If her tips and advices bring out a win she gets a tip for her services. This is an inside arrangement which the casino management may not have control as it does not violate house rules. How the gambler likes to play his cards is own business. So Lady Luck may bring home some wins too.

2.The kibitzers love to chat endlessly over matters ranging from house rental, collecting debts, extended family problems, children and family , and boyfriends. Others talk about their impending visa applications to Canada and the like. However, it is obvious that some of these people stay on till the wee hours of the night to try to recover the money they lent a player.

Sometimes the borrower losses his games and will try to fend off his lender by promising that he will recover in the night what he has lost. So the collection of debts is up in the air. The lender will faithfully watch the player at the table so as not to miss him in the crowd.

3. A person seats at the table in the hope that he sees his friend player to whom he can receive a sum of money after some wins. Sometimes he is successful and the player hands him a certain amount good enough for a play or two

4. The financiers as they are called and sanctioned by the casino house hang around in case a player needs additional funds to play. They are ready to accommodate these players in exchange for a pawned brand watch or an eighteen carat gold necklace. . This could mature in a few days or a week. Lucky is the borrower who can recover his money and pay off the financier at the end of the day or night.

However in instances where the borrower needs quite a sum of money these financiers contact their boss and arrange for a meeting. A players good credit will warrant him to play high stakes again.

The lender also checks with the casino house his betting habits and ratio of wins over loses.

5.The players take a break and smoke a cigarette. They ponder over their wins and losses and decide whether to go back to the gaming table again. For some it is not time to quit yet. Many times a table is filled with a lonely and sad faced player who moans that he should not have betted his wins again and thus he incurred a big loss.

It is a good move to take a break and check whether the player has reached his apportioned money for playing. It's decision making time.

4. This area is special reserved for food lovers. There are comps given out to deserving players who qualify . These host go around and check whether you are big bettor as he sees it in your stack of chips. The colors determine the value of your money. Free breakfast, lunch and dinner is given out to deserving players.

Sometimes even the companions do get a free meal comp. One can tell whether the food taste good. A player will only take a few spoonfuls and rush back to the gaming table. The food did not tastes delicious to warrant a relaxed dining.

5. The music lovers love to listen to the featured band or gorgeous singers for a particular night. Here the player sits back and relaxes to his heart content. And to while his time away from gambling for the moment.

6. The casino host and the comp take their meals together with the visitors and players. Their table is endlessly approached by the food servers to sign the vouchers. It is also the place where the other staff sit for coffee and discuss briefly some matters.

7. Companion players are not accustomed to stay awake till midnight up to the wee hours and they doze off the sleep. This is no-no to the casino house. A security personnel goes around to rouse up a sleepy visitor. He is given warnings to stay awake other wise he will be asked to go home. Casino houses are for gambling and not for sleeping.

There are a lot more reasons why people converge on these tables aside from food, music, and chatting. Let's leave it to them to enjoy the day.