Older Gamblers Bring In The Revenue

In studies conducted among the gambling population, it was discovered that older gamblers tend to bet more than their younger counter parts. Many people assume that gambling is a young man's sport and that elderly or senior gamblers should just limit themselves to games fit for their age line bingo.

Las Vegas authorities have cited bigger gambling budgets are present in senior citizens than they are in players in their early 20's and 30's. There are several brackets that correspond to the players age, the study revealed

Many casino operators admit targeting players between the ages of 50 and 64 for it this age group that brings the most money and revenue to the casino.

The lowest bankrollers were players between the ages of 20's to early 30's .The average bankroll for this age group was measured at approximately $377.

Each older group in the brackets has a drop off rate from $608 to $605 by those players in the 60 to 64 age group.

For those in the 65 age bracket reported a large drop off at $472.

Ideally, the average player of 25 or 35 is more likely to possess lower-paying jobs than players in the 40s and 50s bracket. The expenses of raising a family greatly affects the numbers bracket.

Casinos make the extra weffort to draw in customers aged over 50 since these people have higher incomes, are usually at the peak of their financial wealth and have spare time to travel and play. As compared to people who have families to support, the older age bracket have no qualms about spending large amounts at the gaming table.

Retirees have a huge drop in gambling bankroll since most of them live on pensions and other benefits that come with retirements. These are people that may decide to gamble but inevitably think twice over the thought.

Many casino in the Las Vegas strip are geared to handling these age brackets because high room rates are a major drawback against older players who take the time to gamble. If a casino puts up horrendous prices, a large majority of high betting players automatically look for other places.

Casinos realize that the needs of the elderly or senior gamblers may be more than the average gamer, these players bring in revenue for the casino and that is what counts in the end. With over tens of thousands of these age bracket gambling playing everyday, it is a virtual gold mine for casino operators.